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One to two mark questions will start with command words such Thuisontvangst 'describe' or 'explain'.

Some command words are easy to understand such as: The command words 'describe' and 'explain' can be confusing. If you are asked to describe a graph, you will be expected to write about its overall shape, whether it is linear or curved, the slope of gradients etc.

If you are asked to explain why a pattern Thuisontvangst trend is seen in a graph, you will be expected to use Thuisontvangst science knowledge, not just say what you see which is a descriptioneg 'The graph shows a steep linear increase for the first three hours because…'. Explain how and why questions often have the word 'because' in Thuisontvangst answer.

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The number of marks per question part is given Thuisontvangst this form: It is essential that you give two different answers if a question is worth two marks. Edexcel questions courtesy of Pearson Education Ltd.

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State the name of the discovery that persuaded most scientists to prefer the Big Bang Theory to the Steady State Theory. Our Sun is a Thuisontvangst sequence star.

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It will stay as a main sequence star for millions of years, continuing to radiate energy. Our Thuisontvangst was formed from a nebula.

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Thuisontvangst Describe the formation of our Sun from nebula to main sequence. Gravity causes the nebula to collapse, which causes the temperature and pressure to increase and start fusion.

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Both the Hubble telescope Thuisontvangst the Moon orbit the Earth. The table Thuisontvangst data about these. You may add to this diagram to help your answer.

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The Thuisontvangst and the Moon have different speeds. They could be Thuisontvangst opposite side of the Earth sometimes and on the same side at other times.

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