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Sexy por pics Wife rope tied naked standing on one leg movie scene.

What is your favorite movie scene of the 90s? He falls over a hill, crashes, and falls off of his bike.

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He turns around to the crowd of watchers and throws his hands up like he meant to do it, but when he turns around There's a difference between like and love. I like my skechers, but I Love my Prada backpack. But I love my Skechers That's because you don't have a prada backpack!

The scene where Heath sings to Julia during soccer practice and he's running around being chased.

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I am not going to let you get jiggy with some guy. I don't care how dope his ride is My mama didn't raise no fool.

They watch as Richard and...

I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just we 'whelmed'? I think you can in Europe. Stupid people just make me laugh.

I happen to think the entire movie is fantastic, so picking one scene is tough! It is a really funny scene!

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It's a great scene: My insurance does not cover P. Also when she gets lipstick on her dress is funny too. When it is his turn he chokes. A great scene in my opinion.

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Eminem deserved to win he is the best rapper. He's running around the lawn screaming "I'm open, I'm open Ace Ventura The scene where Ace rescues Dan and they are on the way to the superbowl. Dan ask Ace "Hey Ace you got anymore of that gum? That is my favorite. When Nature Calls There's this one scene when Ace was invited to a conference on a mission to save a mystic bat from a pair of hunters.

The film (unrated, without an...

He was making shadow puppets in front of the slides, like picking the hunter's nose, and gobbling at their bodies. Pet Detective the scene where ace first sees the empty dolphin tank and the reporters come and he acts like hes the trainer and starts acting like a dolphin Almost Famous The morning after the lead singer is at the party and he gets on the bus and no one talks to him and all of a sudden tiny dancer by elton john starts playing and everyone on the bus starts singing it.

I love it more everytime I see it Almost Famous The Part on the bus when everyone eventually joins in on singing "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John, the movie wouldnt be complete without this part, it brings everyone together. Almost famous the scene where kate hudson is on the plane leaving, and she relizes what the kid had said, and she looks out the window,and he's running from window to window in the airport. American Beauty The Final Scene of this master piece when lester is reminiscing on all the joyous things in his life, Wife rope tied naked standing on one leg movie scene as his daughter and his wife, just before he was about to be shot by surprise.

He dies with a smile on his face. The Cinemetography and editing on that one scene, that short 5 minute scene, was just amazing. They cut back and forth between showing what all the major characters are doing while cutting into little black and white clips of lester's memories, beautiful.

American Beauty The scene where Ricky shows Jane the videotape of the plastic bag American Pie Stifler and the Pale Ale!

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What else needs to be said? American Pie The scene where Oz is in the car with the "college chick" and looks at her seriously and says, "suck me beautiful". Also when he tells Stiffler about it at the party and Stiffler repeats the same phrase at the top of his lungs. You first feel the embarrassment he's going to feel the next day but then really start laughing your butt off because of how into the whole thing he is.


And, quite frankly, the guy has some moves. Anastasia In the end When Anastasia and Dimitri first Kissed in Paris Animal House jon belushi is on his way down the stairs when he passes a guy singing "I gave my love a cherry that had no -!!! Armageddon when harry is telling aj goodbye and he says that he loves him He does a wonderful impression of the Discovery Channel guy. It is so good, because you know that even though Bruce Willis wants to live, he wants his daughter to be happy and still have Ben Affleck in her life.

It made me cry more than any other scene in any movie ever made Armageddon the Touching scene at the end when Bruce Willis is saying goodbye to his daughter through satalite and then it cuts out, makes me cry everytime!! Armegeddon I love the scene at the end where Grace and AJ are getting married. The camera swings around and you see a picture of Harry. And at the end I like watching all the shots of their wedding.

Armegeddon When Ben Affleck is about to get on the shuttle to take off and he sings to Liv Tyler before he leaves the song leaving on a jet plane and sweeps her into his arms classic movie and scene!

Austin Powers when austin was trying to get his assistant i forgot her name into bed. Then he like makes the bed start spinning around and he falls on top of her and he's like "oops i fell! That cracked me up. Evil utters his famous "Throw me a frickin' bone here" line. What else Wife rope tied naked standing on one leg movie scene you say! Austin Powers Gold member Goldmember The rap video that Dr.

Evil and mini-me do while in prison has to be the best. International Man of Mystery The funniest part is when AustinPowers is trying to turn around after Venessa went off to try and find Dr. He keeps going back and forth and hitting the wall and it was just the funniest part of the movie. Evil are on Jerry Springer when a fight breaks out between Dr.

Evil and a member of KKK. Evil is restrained but keeps breaking free then runs off stage with Wife rope tied naked standing on one leg movie scene globe.

After that, Austin tries to figure out the potential paradox and goes cross-eyed. Basil tells him he'd be better off if he didn't think about it, then looks into the camera and gives the audience the same advice. He jumps up and leans on a wall.

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He throws her out of the hospital window and she lands safely on another building. The way he jumped was so awesome. It made the whole aspect of how he has vampiric powers make more sense.

He even reminded me of Batman in that scene. Barton Fink Charlie visits Barton in the burning hotel.

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It's hot in here. That one's always got me sniff, sniff Beverly Hills Ninja When Chris Farley is on top of the palm tree swinging to the song "Tarzan Boy" and he flys like ft. The Big Lebowski The most underrated Coen movie ever. Walter wants to throw Danny's ashes into the sea, but the wind blows it directly into the Dude's face. The Big Lebowski Probably the greatest comedy film there is, so underated its sick. The scene where The Dude, Walter and Donnie are interrupted by Jesus, the facial expressions and acting from Jesus are truly classic!

I have ruined many a good pair of pants because of that scene.