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Would you bang my wife

Nude Photo Galleries Would you bang my wife.

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Honest would you bang my wife nude gallery

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Dec 13, 2. FrozenRaven22Dec 13, Dec 13, 3.

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Dec 13, 4. My wife wasn't single when we first went out. We made out but didn't bang. I told her I was interested in a relationship but wasn't going to take it anywhere while she was still attached.

Their relationshit is a long story, but she split with the guy the next morning. But I think that was more just me not wanting to be someone's side piece.

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If I was just looking for casual sex, I'd like to think I wouldn't have gone through with it but I honestly don't know. Four-Dec 13, Dec 13, 5.

Dec 13, 6. When I was 17, I had sex with a 24 year old married girl. At the time I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Now that I am married, I view marriage very differently. I would never do it again, nor would I want someone having sex with my wife.

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Dec 13, 7. B-MitchDec 13, Dec 13, 8.

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I probably would but I don't put a stigma on that scenario like most do. Its her Would you bang my wife to cheat in her relationship. I am not enabling that and if not me it'll probably be with someone else. Either way her spouse is going to get cheated on if she is already shopping around.

ThaPhantom07Dec 13, Dec 13, 9. LoxxODec 13, Dec 13, Wouldn't want the same thing happening to me.

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NarrowFomalhautDec 13, I couldn't bring myself to do that as I wouldn't want it to happen to me. EdgeheadDec 13, NintendoaltDec 13, BanalAttemptDec 13, Asking for a friend?