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Don t blink film


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I wanted a little more from it and at times, the pacing dragged a bit. But the premise was good, the atmosphere spot on, and the acting pretty solid for horror. Not saying it was stellar, but better than most horror acting, at least.

The problem with this movie is that it does kind of struggle to keep your attention. They jump right into the plot, so it's not like the fucked around getting into things, it just that I guess the premise wasn't interesting enough for 75 full minutes of just watching it happen over and over again.

This one isn't like other horrors that diversify the murder and mayhem.

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This movie defines its one tool Don t blink film its murder kit and just keeps going with it. Yeah, once the tension picks up and believe me the tension was pretty superbthe characters start tearing each other apart. Weird shit starts to happen, fingers get pointed, mistrust and Don t blink film runs rampant, eventually SOMEONE pulls a gun; that old chestnut.

That being said, they still manage to not kill each other or pull any new tools out of the murder kit. So, some things that really disappointed me about this movie is it sets up a plot element that it just abandons. You find out that one of the main character's girlfriends is pregnant. This is a really great plot element to have so you can build up tension between other characters.

Her state makes her more vulnerable and can be used to really fuck with her boyfriend. However, she's the first one to go. They just take her right the fuck out Set that Don t blink film plot element up and it just disappears fifteen minutes into the god damn movie.

Literally, she just disappears. That's how you die. You just up and vanish. Now, instead, if they made her baby go poof, that could have lead to some real intense shit.

Don't Blink Poster . Did...

Now, I get why they had her disappear. If she goes missing then the rest of the protagonists have to stay at least long enough to look for her. However, literally anyone the fuck else could have fulfilled that role AND they could have left "Don t blink film" pregnant girlfriend around to create later tension. It was just jumping the shark too early and it set the pace for the rest of the movie just, well, off. That wasn't the only faux pas.

They couldn't leave because they were out of gas and they couldn't call for help because there were no phones. I'm fucking sorry, but once the third person just vanished in thin air, I would have torn that fucking resort to pieces, log by log, looking for the fucking Don t blink film to the gas pump.

They find it because the god damn thing starts ringing. I mean, what the actual fuck? It's a fucking resort with multiple fucking cabins, there's a fucking phone somewhere. The director Don t blink film to hang a lantern on it but it just doesn't make any fucking sense.

Don't Blink is a American...

But yeah, movie isn't actually all that bad. Though it takes a while, once the tension reaches its crescendo, it's actually a pretty good movie.

Typically, I don't balk at...

Home movie review paranormal halloween fiction supernatural pop culture Don t blink film tv review urban legend book reviews monster. Horror is powered by Vocal creators. You support Reed Alexander by reading, sharing and tipping stories Reed Alexander's Review of 'Don't Blink' Typically, I don't balk at horror movie stereotypes (after all, the simplicity of the genre is part of its charm), but here they were off.

The director gave characters. I watch lots of horror movie and I usually either like it or hate it. This movie is in between. The Story. The movie starts out like any other horror. Don t blink film. SYNOPSIS: Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted.

With no.

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