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Hustler sport gas tank


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Fuel system

He has a Hustler Sport, which is probably 4 years old and has always ran like a charm. A few weeks ago, he changed the fuel filer, oil, and plug s I Hustler sport gas tank know if there is more than onesharpened the blades and got it Hustler sport gas tank for the season.

He mowed our yard and fields twice his mower ran perfectly. Our son-in-law called wanting to borrow it, and hubs told him he'd have to put gas in it since we were out. He did and mowed his grass. When hubs went to mow Saturday, it ran rough, what he called loping, and it was backfiring through the air filter If I understood him correctly. He asked my sil if the gas was old, and thought maybe he had put old gas in the mower.

He siphoned all the old gas out, and added new. Purchased another gas filter, because the one he just changed suddenly looked very bad. None of this has helped any and hubs is beyond frustrated now. I am attaching some pics of the fuel filter he had just put on a couple of weeks before our son-in-law used the mower and put his gas in it. Hubby will most likely need to pull the bottom off the carburettor, clean it out then run enough fuel through Hustler sport gas tank system till it runs clean.

I have never seen gas that dirty. Originally Posted by bertsmobile1. Hustler sport gas tank

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Hells bells what was he keeping the fuel in? Originally Posted by BlazNT. I probably would have just pulled the fuel line off at the fuel pump then dropped it down low into a catch can of some sort. As for the carb, it will depend upon what carb you have and that depends upon what engine Hustler sport gas tank have.

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On the UP side you now know what to buy the sone in law for his birthday. A nice new plastic fuel canister.

What's the best way to...

On most ZTR's you need to remove the top cover, fender if you like to access all of the fuel thank bolts. Sad thing, but one reason I stopped loaning stuff to people a long time ago, relatives included. Originally Posted by tbarnett. Originally Posted by missy Yes sir, a brand new gas can!!! I had to move the mower out of the building a bit ago, and noticed that there was Hustler sport gas tank barely a drop or two of gas in that new fuel filter.

I thought it would have been full of fuel. Hustler Sport By wdrdoctor "Hustler sport gas tank" forum Hustler Forum. Hustler Sport By g00seegg in Hustler sport gas tank Hustler Forum. Hustler Sport 42 By horse in forum Hustler Forum. This manual applies to the following Hustler® Turf Equipment product lines:.

Do not remove the fuel tank cap or fill tank with engine running or while the. Integrated parking brakes. Cup Holder Cup holder moulded into the left side fuel tank. Accommodates nearly any cup size. DIMENSIONS.

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Height 39 in ( mm). Hustler Fuel Filters, Lines, Parts. We have the Hustler Fuel Filters, Lines, Parts You need with fast shipping and low prices.

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