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Why do girls make guys jealous


I used to do it a lot and sometimes occasionally, but it's for three real reasons: AND, sometimes, when my current guy ignores me, I talk to other men, but is only to catch HIS attention and to make him jealous. And NO, I'm never interested in the guy or the stranger I talk to. Women love attention, sometimes we do things to piss men off.

That is exactly what I was curious about And yes, that does worry the guy because he does not know where he sits with her Of course we do! We tend to over exaggerate our gestures, our laugh, hand movement AND we talk and flirt with everything or anything around us! This seems like an interesting 'evaluation' of sorts. Thanks for sharing that info, Love Doctor.

I think the stuff you have said really brings some things to light for a lot of us "unsuspecting" guys! She could be any of the following and then some. Thanks for your input. I'm still not quite sure what the deal is with her - I know she has had low self-esteem. I don't think she's mean-spirited, but Why do girls make guys jealous know she has the validation-seeking problem.

I will think about the others and watch for signs of them but can't quite say yet. The validation seeking is really common with women. Why do girls make guys jealous gets even worse if they were good looking when they were younger and coasted through life on their looks and now are getting to their late 20s and early Why do girls make guys jealous and realize things are changing for the worse in that dept. I would think for a couple of reasons 1. It's a test to see how far you're willing to go to fight for your woman 2.

It's reassurance to them that you want them and only them 3. It's their way of gauging your level of interest. Stupid yes, but hey neither sex is perfect. It's done both ways. It's not only girls who do that. Guys do it too and it's human nature to be jealous and to want what you can't have. I'm sure we may Why do girls make guys jealous all done it but not realized it or something, so don't feel too badly about it or anything. I think like Love Doctor said, it's probably just human nature to do whatever we can to create attraction in the other person or something.

So that's the ticket Basically this is to offset her insecurities about whether he likes her or not. Basically yeah I mean that why I would do it??? I don't do that. Jealousy is a pointless emotion. Making someone feel jealous, which is really feeling hurt, is wrong. Why would you want to hurt someone you like?

Even if you end up together he will remember how he felt when you made him jealous at the begin and there may be hard feelings there. Same way for guys that do it to girls.

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And also, feeling jealous in general, what does it really do? Either your other is or isn't cheating on you. Or you can or can't have something you want, etc, for all the things people may get jealous over. But bottom line you can't change it by feeling jealous. I don't get jealous often or easily, and I never try to make others jealous, especially people I care about. That's a very good perspective. Yeah, I never realized it, but you are right - it does just hurt the person.

It seems very immature or something. Thanks for your comments! I find Why do girls make guys jealous astounding sometimes that seemingly Intelligent and level-headed girls would even stoop down to play games Maybe she feels insecure because she's not sure of how the guy feels about her or something.

That would be Why do girls make guys jealous guess. There are many girls like that who feel like they have to tease someone they like to feel wanted more. Tell her you feel jealous. Yeah, I already told her. I don't think she's like that too much though.

I do think she has low self-esteem however. Thanks for your comments. If a girl tried to make me jealous, she'd just make me leave don't need to play stupid games It only hurts the guy or the girl, if he's doing it to her, which can happen. Why do girls try to make guys they like jealous? Sometimes I find that when girls I like do that, I'm not sure whether they like me or the people they are flirting with. What do you know about the middle east? Do you get along better with the same gender or opposite gender?

Why do millennials think they know everything? What Girls Said 6. Thanks for your input! Yeah, I'm sure that's true! What Guys Said 1. That's pretty much how I'm starting to feel with this girl Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Getting all "teen girl fervent"...

Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Getting all "teen girl fervent" over famous people. Do you want to know why most guys hate people like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles?. There is this girl I have a little Why do girls make guys jealous with and we like each other very much we kiss, hug and spend time together, however, she is not my.

making a move. Here's how to make a guy jealous without him even realizing it. Image may contain: People, Woman, Person, Human, Girl, Female. by Allison Do whatever you have to do to feel flawless.

I think she wants to...

Get a haircut.

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