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How to get a deeper voice naturally


Check new design of our homepage! There are so many people who are looking out for a career as a radio jockey, television anchor, or as a voice-over artist. The main reason that is holding them back is that they do not seem to possess the gift of a deep voice. There are very few men in How to get a deeper voice naturally world who have a natural gift of deep voice.

Women prefer men with deeper...

Others, who do not have it have taken some efforts to modify their voice to suit their professions. Here are some ways to naturally deepen your voice without suffering pain.

Technique #6: Strengthen your neck...

Deepening of Voice Who can forget the sexy tone in the voice of George Clooney? Apart from being tall, dark and handsome, women just cannot resist George Clooney's with a deep manly voice. For those, who are looking out for voice modulation, there are quite a lot of doctors and specialist who are ready to perform a surgery to get your voice modified. If you are keen on avoiding this option, then here are some natural methods of deepening voice. How to get a deeper voice naturally Deepening Exercises Before you start this activity, I advise all of you to get a thorough understanding of the structure of your throat.

This will help you train yourself in a How to get a deeper voice naturally way. Now, this exercising activity involves practicing with your voice for approximately a fortnight. The duration of your vocal exercise can be 15 to 20 minutes daily. All you need to do is start reducing the note of your voice gradually with each passing day.

You may select a song or How to get a deeper voice naturally start humming. However, be careful not to shout and scream during any of this process.

You may permanently damage your vocal cords by doing so. Try exercises that strengthen your neck muscles for better effects. Sleep Well It is a notable fact, that vocal cords vibrate How to get a deeper voice naturally deep levels when they are relaxed. You can relax and take a good sleep so as to de-stress your vocal cords and larynx. After a sound sleep, the muscles in your throat loosen because of which they can start reverberating at lower tones as well. Speak with Deep Breath One essential thing to deepen your voice is to take deep breath and stop exhaling rapidly.

Adopt a straight posture so that your diaphragm is stretched and relaxed. Speak softly and inhale air to your full limit. This will automatically calm down your vocal cords and start turning your voice deep. How to get a deeper voice naturally might start with pushing your chest out as well. Now start pronouncing each and every 26 alphabets distinctly at a slow pace. See that you do not hear the sound of your breathing as you speak.

Gradually, start saying words from deep inside your throat. You will start noticing a difference in your voice within a short span. Talking Daily As part How to get a deeper voice naturally your voice deepening process, I suggest you start speaking to everyone as softly as you can.

Avoid whispering as you might be asked to repeat what you are saying quite often. For best effects, start using a groovy tone that lies in between a whisper and soft speaking. There is a tendency to start speaking from your nose during this process.

But make conscious efforts to How to get a deeper voice naturally it. Eating One of the best food prescriptions for deepening your voice is to consume beef as much as you can.

Beef has a high level of testosterone which is exactly what one requires for deepening the voice. Also, you might opt for eating chocolates as much as you can. Drink ample water and milk before you start practicing your deep voice. You are bound to get that classic baritone like Marlon Brando in your voice over a period of time. Cigarette and Whiskey Pardon me for suggesting ways that might be injurious to your health and fitness.

But, fact is that many artists do consume whiskey and smoke cigarettes to deepen their voice. However, I caution you to try this at your own risk and only after consulting a trusted doctor. Remember, there is no age limit to start doing this voice deepening practice. However, I have one piece of suggestion to young boys on the verge of puberty.

Do not try to make yourself sound manly by taking testosterone supplements. Wait for your voice to mature naturally. It is much safer to go the natural way.

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Otherswho do not have it have taken some efforts to modify their. The natural pitch of your voice (tessitura) is largely determined by the size How to get a deeper voice naturally shape of Originally Answered: How can I get a deeper voice when I'm talking?.

Women prefer men with deeper voices, and find what they say more and longer vocal cords, and consequently, naturally deeper voices.