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I cant remember my facebook password


You are not alone! Hundreds of people turn to us with similar questions every day. Fortunately, Facebook offers several automated ways to reclaim your account.

This article covers everything I know about Facebook account recovery. Read this article, read the comments, and if you still have questions, leave your own comment and hope for the best. Before you try to recover your accountcheck whether you are still logged into Facebook on any of your devices.

This could be another browser or browser profile on your computer, your Facebook Android or iOS app, or I cant remember my facebook password mobile browser, for example on your tablet.

Here's how to secure a hacked Facebook account and contain the damage. Here's what you need to do. OK, so you could not find a device where you were still logged into Facebook. First, you need to identify your account. Head to the Facebook recover page and use an email address or phone number you previously added to your Facebook account. Once you successfully managed to identify your account, you will see a summary of your profile. Before you proceed, carefully check whether this really is your account and whether I cant remember my facebook password still have access to the email address es or mobile phone number s listed.

Facebook will send you a security code. Retrieve it, enter it, and rejoice in having recovered your account.

Once you get back into...

If you managed to regain access to your account and if you suspect that your account was hacked, immediately change your password use a strong password! You want to log into your Facebook account and your password no longer works. In the worst of cases, someone managed to hack your account and Be sure to remove any email addresses or phone numbers that are not your own or that you can no longer access. Let's take a look at few of the services you can lock-down with better security.

Maybe you no longer have access to the email address es and phone number s you once added to your profile. Or maybe a hacker changed this information. In that case, Facebook allows I cant remember my facebook password to specify a new email address, which they will use to contact you about recovering your account. To start this process, click the link No longer have access to these? Facebook will ask you for a new email I cant remember my facebook password or phone numberso that they can reach out to you if needed.

Click Continue to proceed. If you have set up I cant remember my facebook password Contactsyou will have the chance to use these to recover your account in the next step. Note that you only need three codes to recover your account.

Whether you forgot your password...

As an additional precaution, this comes with a 24 hour waiting period before you can access your account. Otherwise, you might have to wait until Facebook gets in touch to verify your identity. In the event that your account was hacked and is posting spam to the walls of your friends while you can no longer access it, you should report your Facebook account as compromised. This will actually start a similar yet different process as the one outlined above. While you will use the same information to identify your account, in the following step you will be able to use either a current or an old Facebook password to recover your account.

This is useful in case a hacker changed your password, but it may also come in handy "I cant remember my facebook password" case you forgot your new password. Here's how to avoid the nasty side of Facebook.

You can try emailing security facebookmail. This can take several weeks, so practice patience. Facebook is I cant remember my facebook password difficult to get a hold I cant remember my facebook password. At some point, you just have to move on.

As much as it hurts, learn from your mistakes, create a new account, be sure to add several valid contact details, secure your Facebook account Secure Your Facebook With These 6 Simple Tricks Secure Your Facebook With These 6 Simple Tricks Facebook can be pretty scary when it comes to security, but with a few minutes and the right tools, you can keep your account rock-solid.

Hi all, If you're having...

Read Moreand rebuild your profile. Have you found a way to contact Facebook? Or did you discover another recovery method? Please let us know in the comments! And in case this article helped you to recover your Facebook account, please share it with your friends for future reference.

Can't remember my password. Logging...

Your email address will not be published. I received a message that I reset my password recently which i did not do. I cannot erase that email so as to put my real email. Have I've been trying to get back to my I cant remember my facebook password on facebook for a week, but I always come up with code in the log, but the code comes at the next session. I'm back at phone number and it always works so well all the time.

2. Have You Tried the...

I used a code to open an account but i cant open it because i tried entering too many codes. What will i do? I I cant remember my facebook password longer have access to my old either.

How can I regain my access to my FB? I need help bigtime! Were you able to solve this? I can't get beyond the account has been disabled by Facebook,message. Is there really no way to reach Facebook by phone? Im in dire straights. I was following one of the step above and everything was going well till i reach the step where i have to get the log on code, mine neber gave me an option on how do i want my code to be sent to me, it just automaticaly say "an sms will ne sent to you shortly" but i need the codes to be sent via email like what your example above shows.

Hey Tina, I need to your assistance. I'm failing to access the secret code for resetting password coz I no longer have the contact I used to sign up for Facebook. Can not login to FB. My account has been compromised and whoever did this has made it so I need a 6 digit code. Even when I log in it asks for this code. I did not authorize this and can not get in as the hacker has set up this code thing. Same happened to me. Has anybody gotten it fixed???

Dear sir, am forgotten my fb password it was asking my email that email also am not using but i want my facebook pls help me sir in that account my childhood friends are there am requesting to u to recover my fb sir. I lost my phone where facebook application is activated with code generator if I was use in any other browser.

So I brought new phone I want to use facebook application when I was given credentials then it was asking the SMS code they sent to my old phone which is out of the country and that number is no longer available with then If I want to open in browser it was asking code generator please help me what should I do now I am Using this account since I have been locked out of my Facebook account for three weeks!

I have tried everything to regain I cant remember my facebook password but nothing is working! I'm being told I need I cant remember my facebook password login code! But no code ever gets sent by SMS message! What else can I do! This is also effecting my messenger so that I can't text or receive texts or messages from family and friends! I have the two factor authentication but why isn't that even working to get me back on my account!

I have been administrator for my husband's legacy account since he passed away in Last night my stepson hacked the account. Changed the email account. Changed the phone number. Deleted me as administrator and blocked me. I have tried account recovery but it is using the email and password he changed it to send security code requests.

And when I click no longer have access the account recovery goes to trusted friends which is all three of the stepchildren who have stolen the account. This I cant remember my facebook password seem trivial to some but this is emotionally disturbing to me and my memories of my husband. I never stopped my stepchildren from having access to their fathers page nor made any derogatory remarks on his facebook page about them.

I don't know how to get past trusted friends. Is the last email I cant remember my facebook password associated with it still accessible? If it is, then head on your email account now and check for the email that was sent by Facebook Team about that last email address being removed from your husband's Facebook account. From there, you can reverse this I cant remember my facebook password change and Facebook will allow you to remove the newly added email addresses and change its password.

My I phone is ok! I forgot my facebook password, and i am unable to access my facebook or recover my password. I tried recovering the account, they have a current email address, but I have yet to receive a code.

I waited over 24 hours, tried everything on their help page, nothing works. Update on reply from: Just click the button below and we'll log you in. I clicked the hotlink and it took me to my newly created Profile, NOT to my original Facebook Profile for which I cant remember my facebook password actually provided a hotlink. Here are some things you can try to get back into your account. If you've lost your Facebook login password, there are a I cant remember my facebook password of ways to recover access to your account.

Whether you forgot your password or can no longer log in because a hacker To Secure Your Facebook Account & Make It Recoverable To most of us this is.

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