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For much too long, it has been widely perceived that the act of pegging donning a strap-on for the purpose of sexual penetration is limited to lesbian partnerships. After all, a quick PornHub search will yield thousands of results based on this, as lesbian strap-on use is quite popular.

Of course, PornHub is but one source of online pornography, but this fact is reflected in many other popular porn websites as well.

We are here to debunk this myth and bring to you what might be a surprising truth: For as long as there are men who enjoy being fucked from behind and experience attraction to women, there are women who will happily oblige-and not just as a means of pleasing their partner, but also themselves. Are men who like to be pegged secretly gay? Do they all have submission fantasies?

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The truth is, there is no one reason why a man might enjoy receiving it from behind. This is equally true of the women who love giving it to them. In the context of opposite-sex relationships, pegging is largely seen as solely focused on male pleasure due to the presence of the prostate and its stimulation via anal penetration-a trait that is exclusive to biological males.

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But for many women, for whom sexual acts can be far more cerebral and not only physically pleasurable, there is a lot to be gotten out of it. Most are composed of harnesses that fit around the top of the legs and pelvic region, and many of these designs incorporate a strand of material sometimes regular cloth-like material, sometimes more elegant solutions like a beaded strap that runs between the legs to provide pleasurable sensations to the giver.

When donned by a female partner, this strap is designed to create friction caused by the back-and-forth motion of her thrusts. This motion alone can drive a female partner to a clitoral orgasm if she and her man develop a good pace that works for the both of them. Next, let us delve into the more complicated topic of how women experience sex.

The sounds of her partner moaning in satisfaction, for example, could get her rocks off in no time flat. A lot of women say that their male partners tend to create less noise when they are the Anal fuck wife while getting pegged by lesbian doing the giving, but it takes a total degrees when the man is on the receiving end.

This is a tremendous turn-on for women, who might be accustomed to more stoic reactions from their men during traditional sex. For many men who enjoy prostate playthere is no greater climax than one derived from this kind of stimulation. And for women who want sex to be a mutually mind-blowing experience, there is no greater pleasure than seeing their lovers in the throes of ecstasy.

Above we made mention of the myth that all men who enjoy being pegged are secretly submissive.

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Conversely, there is a rampant myth that women who do the pegging have latent desires for domination and to make their man their sub. This is true in some relationships, but only in some. Sometimes the woman is the assertive one in bed and sometimes the man is.

It really depends on their mood and individual interests. After all, there are millions of men on this planet who love the thrill of being in control of more aspects of sex-as there are millions of women who are generally satisfied with this dynamic.

For many women, sex inherently has to do with vulnerability. Being naked and getting fucked can be thrilling in the way that you are entirely bare and exposed, and it also requires a fair amount of trust. When vulnerability and genuine trust intersect, men and women can both feel empowered in their sexuality.

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That sounds like a win-win to us. As you can see from everything we discussed above, there is a lot that women can gain from experimenting with pegging their male partners.

It might sound like an intimidating undertaking for first-timers, but below we have outlined some tips that will help women ease their men into pegging so that they both get the most out of it. First things first, you need to talk about it! This can be uncomfortable sometimes, even in decades-old relationships and marriages, especially if your love life has been closer to vanilla Anal fuck wife while getting pegged by lesbian any other flavor.

Communication is essential before you ever don the strap-on, during pegging and afterward. When you approach this subject with your man for the first time, consider phrases like:.